Safety fears raised after woman’s death

Moy Road.
Moy Road.

Safety concerns were raised earlier this year about the safety of pedestrians on the road where a woman in her 30s was killed last night.

Councillor Doug Beattie highlighted the dangers on the Moy Road with the DRD Roads Service.

Mr Beattie had been contacted by a resident concerned about the footpath.

“I was saddened to hear of the road traffic incident which has led to the death of a young woman on Tuesday evening,” he said. “The B28 from Portadown to Moy is a particularly fast road and some of the stretches are extremely dangerous. Recently I wrote to DRD Road Services after a concerned resident identified an issue on road safety in respect to the footpath at 49 Moy Road.

“In my correspondence I wrote ‘I hope your department can help as I fear, with the speed of vehicles on that B road, there is a fair chance of a pedestrian/vehicle accident unless enforcement measures are issued’.

“The enforcement measures I referred too was to ensure the footpath, on that road and in that area, were fit for purpose.

“Although it is too early to speculate as to the cause of this tragic accident, which occurred on a different stretch of the B28, the PSNI must be given time to conduct their investigation. It is important to highlight the lack of investment in rural road safety infrastructure.

“Many small rural communities are sited on the Portadown to Moy Road and many do not have footpath access and those footpaths that do exist are not always fit for purpose.

“The footpath at 49 Moy road highlights the need for a programme to enhance road safety in our rural communities which must include a lighting and a maintenance programme.

“In the meantime my thoughts are with the family and friends of this young woman who’s life has been cut so tragically short.”