Salon owner hits out at ‘foul’ dog mess

Dog mess littering the pavement at William Street. INPT1015-439
Dog mess littering the pavement at William Street. INPT1015-439

The owner of a hairdressing salon in William Street has hit out at the “disgusting dog mess” left on the pavement outside her business on an almost daily basis.

Samantha McConnell of Split Ends said the situation is “beyond a joke” and she regularly has to wash the path so that customers don’t walk the mess into the salon.

Last Friday morning, the fouling was so bad that she had to put out a warning sign to alert customers, until she got a chance to clean it up.

She said, “The council did come out to clean it - the first time they have ever come when we rang, and we have been contacting them for months - but they only scooped a few bits up.

“There were still dirty skid marks and I had to clean it properly with bleach.”

Rachel Graham, a senior stylist at the salon, said dog fouling and littering is an ongoing problem in the entire street.

“We see the road sweepers going up and down Thomas Street but they never seem to come down William Street,” she said.

“We are picking up rubbish and dog mess every day, and trying to run a business here.”

Craigavon Borough Council said it had not received any complaints regarding William Street until last week, but added it would include the street on a ‘hot spot’ for extra patrols.

Other dog fouling ‘hot spots’ in the town include Thomas Street, Portmore Street and Hanover Street. “Wardens have been patrolling these streets regularly and issued a fixed penalty fine last year,” she said.

She said the council takes a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling and wardens patrol early morning, late nights and weekends to try and combat the problem.