Salvation Army celebrations

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The past, present and future of Portadown’s Salvation Army Corps will be celebrated during two special meetings to mark 134 years this Sunday.

The Salvation Army has been a presence in Edward Street in Portadown for the past 134 years. It first opened its doors way back in January 1881.

A spokesperson from the local Corps said, “On anniversary occasions it is good to look back and thank God for His blessings but we also want to acknowledge His presence with us now. We look forward to many more years ahead as we open up our doors for people to join with us in worship.

“The Salvation Army is a church, and whereas we may be a little different in our worship style compared to some more traditional churches, we nonetheless exist to worship and praise God, as well as serving the local community.

“The people of Portadown have always been very supportive of the Salvation Army, and have always given generously when it comes to such things as the Christmas Family Appeal.

“We want to especially thank the local people for supporting us this past Christmas and we would not be able to help those who are in need in our community without the generosity of the local people in their giving of gifts and donations. We have been very humbled by the way the people are so eager to help us,”

The members of the Corps would love to see others join with them during meetings at 10.30am and 3.30pm on Sunday.

“If you have been before, or whether you are just a little curious to know more about us, we would warmly invite you to come along,” said a spokesman.

The history of the local Corps has been recorded in the Portadown Times over many years.

“There is a record in the Corps history book of an entry in the local paper in March 1964 about a musical evening held in the hall in Edward Street.

“The article was written by someone who addressed themselves as ‘Moderato’ who gave (in the main!) a very good appraisal of the evening.

“We are not sure who Moderato was, and whether or not he or she was actually a reporter in the local paper but the writer obviously had a good musical knowledge and it was very interesting to read the remarks made by this unknown person.”