Scuffle outside High St Mall

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By getting involved in a street scuffle, a 22-year-old man faced another conviction for disorderly behaviour last Wednesday at Craigavon Court.

Ciaran McCann, The Beeches, Portadown, admitted the offence which happened at Woodhouse Street on April 14.

The court heard three males were involved in the incident at the entrance to the High Street Mall. The defendant was highly intoxicated.

Police spoke to the two other males involved in the fight and the defendant was arrested. All parties admitted there had been a scuffle between them but no one wanted to make a statement to police.

A solicitor representing McCann said he was intoxicated and could not really understand what happened.

He added that the other two seemed to be passers-by with children in prams and they walked off after the altercation.

The solicitor said that McCann presented himself as a sensible person but when he had a lot of drink taken this seemed to bring him before the court. He had two previous convictions which could be attributed to being intoxicated.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said he was concerned that McCann was before the court for disorderly behaviour – his third in a short space of time.

He felt a fine was not suitable and adjourned the case until June 17 so that a sentence report could be prepared to see if McCann was suitable for community service.