Sewage boost at Birches

Community news
Community news

The Portadown Times and Alderman Arnold Hatch have combined to resolve the immediate problem of the Birches housing development stymied by the inadequate sewage system.

Three weeks ago, we reported that six new homes at Birches could not be connected to the main system – and therefore could not be occupied without water and sewers.

It followed a debate in the new ABC council that developments in various parts of Northern Ireland were being held up due to the lack of infrastructure, especially sewers and electricity. Afterwards, Mr Hatch homed in on the Birches problem and told the Portadown Times, “The developer is having to wait until the problem is resolved before he can complete the six houses for occupancy. It is the first phase of the development.

“The problem is that NI Water has not kept up with demand in the area, now that the construction and property sectors are improving. There are certain things which can be done in the interim to improve things.”

NI Water said they would research the Birches problem, and Mr Hatch contacted DRD Minister Danny Kennedy. A combination of both approaches persuaded NI Water to find the capacity to connect the six houses.

Mr Hatch said, “It’s only a start, a temporary resolution. With the Birches being such a popular area, major infrastructure work is required, and I will be working to have the issue resolved.”