Shock as driver returns to find bag stolen

The damage to David Wright's car. INPT03-020
The damage to David Wright's car. INPT03-020

A man who parked at the rear entrance to Gosford Forest Park on Sunday while he went for a walk returned to find one of his back windows smashed and his girlfriend’s bag stolen.

David Wright left his car at around 12.30 and returned after an hour to find the blue Volkswagen Golf had been broken into.

He said, “My back passenger window was smashed and my girlfriend’s bag, which contained clothes, make-up, a phone and purse had been stolen.

“The bag was behind the driver seat with a jacket over the top, so not in view, and the window was smashed with a hammer or large object which wasn’t at the scene.”

David added, “Thanks to Apple’s Find my iPhone app, the PSNI in Armagh and a gentleman from Milford who found the bag at the side of the road between Keady and Newtownhamilton, the bag and all inside have been returned.

“It is a shocking, sickening hateful thing for this to happen to anyone. And I have no words to describe how I feel. It will cost £100 to have the window fixed and I wasn’t able to have that done until Wednesday which had an impact on me getting to work.”

He said he wanted to make people aware that if they are going for a walk to either take the property with them or put it in the boot.

Meanwhile, police are appealing to anyone who has information in relation to the incident to contact them in Armagh on 101, quoting ref: 543 170116.

A spokesperson said:

“Police are also advising motorists to ensure they remove all valuables from sight when their vehicles are unattended.

“All windows and doors in the vehicle should be properly secured and all items of value, including handbags, sat navs and mobile phones should be stored out of sight.”