Short-time working at Tayto ‘seasonal’

Tayto Castle  INPT0415-409
Tayto Castle INPT0415-409

Around 250 workers at Tayto in Tandragee were placed on short-time hours this week, with the day shift cut by half-a-day to four, and the night shift from four nights to three.

A notice to that effect was placed on the notice board at Tandragee Castle and a follow-up meeting with management was set up midweek to allay fears.

A statement from the management said that the situation was a “seasonal” one caused by post-holiday time variations and happened after peak production times like Halloween and Christmas.

A source among the workers said that work was often transferred to mainland factories like Corby and in Wales, “and sometimes we don’t know where we stand with major orders being moved around”.

It is also understood that a number of temps are laid off from time to time, but overall the short time working rarely lasts too long and Tandragee returns to normal.

The company said, “We always anticipate seasonal variations in work patterns in the snack industry.

“Major holiday periods such as Halloween always show a huge increase in demand for our products. This is particularly true in the lead-up to Christmas when we are extremely busy and working extra shifts.

“In January, demands always drops substantially and so shift patterns change. The company is performing well and there is no cause for concern.”