Sisters hurt in hit-and-run on Moy Road

Gemma Mckenna
Gemma Mckenna

Two female cyclists have been treated in hospital after they were injured in a hit-and-run crash on the Moy Road.

The incident, involving two sisters who are in their twenties, happened on Saturday night.

One of the sisters is still being treated in hospital.

SF Cllr Gemma McKenna has urged anyone with information on the car which was involved in a hit and run on Saturday evening on the Moy Road to come forward to the police to assist the investigation.

Ms McKenna commented, “The incident happened on the Moy road at 7.45 pm on Saturday evening. The car hit two female cyclists at high speed and both had to go to hospital for the injuries.

“The two cyclists, who are sisters, are both in their 20s. The eldest sister is still in hospital and is being treated. My thoughts are with the family at this time and I wish them both a full recovery.”

Ms Kenna added, “It is of the utmost importance as we go into the summer months and more cyclist are on the roads, that everyone using the roads takes due care. I would ask anyone with information on the car involved in Saturday’s incident to contact the police on 101 using reference number 1147270615.”