Slantry Wood parking move welcomed

MP David Simpson with Margaret Tinsley and Robert Smith.
MP David Simpson with Margaret Tinsley and Robert Smith.

DUP MP David Simpson, along with Central Councillors Margaret Tinsley and Robert Smith, have welcomed news that Craigavon Borough Council will be providing parking for the many people who use Slantry Wood as a walking destination.

Slantry Wood is an area of natural beauty in the Carn area with access only from a busy road.

Mrs Tinsley said, “When I went onto council I made this a priority. I recognised the safety issues with this area because of the business of the road and the extensive use of this beautiful wooded area. I am delighted that lay-by which will allow for parking will be provided by council however, I am disappointed that it will only be hardcore as oppose to a bitumen surface.

“Unfortunately my proposal to tarmac the lay-by did not garner the support of fellow unionist and nationalist councillors and therefore I had to settle for hard-core as oppose to tar. That aside I am delighted that it will go some way to dealing with the huge safety implications associated with using this area. Many families with small children use this area and it is essential that it is safe to do so.”

Mr Smith continued, “This will be delivered over the coming weeks and I personally will be ensuring that council fulfil their obligation in this regard. I personally have on many occasions taken a walk in the Slantry Wood area and know that parking has always been a problem.

“I trust that this will go some way to alleviating the problem and make the area an even more attractive spot for families to come and enjoy the natural beauty.”

MP David Simpson said, “This is a good news story for those living in the area of Slantry Wood. I would congratulate our Central councillors’ persistence in this regard. It will improve safety and will allow for correct and acceptable parking when utilising this service.”