Slight progress on flooding issue

The Drumnevan Road on the outskirts of Portadown.
The Drumnevan Road on the outskirts of Portadown.

There’s been some slight progress on an ongoing flooding issue on the outskirts of Portadown.

Warning signs have been put up on the Drumnevan Road to warn drivers of the flooding, however the flooding itself is yet to be alleviated.

A resident of the Drumnevan Road said he has been on to the authorities several times because of the flooding on the road.

He said they’d told him they’d had quite a few calls about it, but there wasn’t much they could do as the machine they have to deal with floods is broken at the minute.

His granddaughter said: “They’ve finally agreed last week to put up warning signs after the third or fourth phone call. My granda is worried someone will have an accident at night when you can’t see the flood. It’s been like this since before Christmas.

“He blames lorries using the road as a shortcut from Dungannon Road to Moy Road, for wrecking the road.”

Council confirmed it was a matter for the Department of Regional Development.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “TransportNI are aware of the situation and hope to be working at the location later this week, weather.depending.”

Contrary to what the concerned resident had been told Transport NI said they currently have a working jetter.