Social Action Award for Church Lads’ and Girl’s Brigade

Children from local youth clubs
Children from local youth clubs

Members of St Saviour’s, Dobbin and St Aidan’s, Grange Companies, both from Armagh Diocese, were at Buckingham Palace recently, to receive a Social Action Award from the Prince of Wales.

Three leaders and six members from each Company made the journey to London, accompanied by the Brigade’s Development Officer, Victoria Jackson, and Commanding Officer, Melvyn Lockhart.

The Social Action awards were organised by Youth United, an umbrella organisation that received a grant to create new places in uniformed youth organisations.

The Church Lads’ and Church Lads Brigade’s Ulster Regiment increased its membership by more than 300 places in the last two years.

The inaugural Youth United Social Action Awards, hosted by Prince Charles, celebrate the achievements of thousands of young people who have sought to bring about positive change to their local community.

Members of the Dobbin and Grange CLCGB were recognised for their efforts in promoting awareness of the needs of the Leprosy Mission NI and raising money for this worthwhile organisation.

The CLCGB has had close links with the Leprosy Mission NI for many years and has just agreed to raise enough money to provide a well for a very needy community.

Rev. Paul McAdam, Chaplain to the Grange Company, commented, “We had a fantastic trip to London. What an honour it was to meet Prince Charles at the Youth United Social Action Awards Ceremony.”

The award ceremony at Buckingham Palace was held at the end of January,

The Socal Action Awards are awarded to groups to recognise Dedication, Impact and Team work by Prince Charles who is the Founder and Patron of Youth United, The Prince of Wales, and the unit Awards are given out by the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson.

Thousands of young people living in disadvantaged areas and from hard-to-reach communities have been involved in social action by joining uniformed youth organisations through the Uniformed Youth Social Action Fund (UYSAF).

The event celebrates young people’s achievements and demonstrate their teamwork, dedication and the positive impact their social action has on their local community.

The Prince of Wales, said of Youth United, “Following my own experiences as a volunteer coastguard and in my school cadet unit, I have long been convinced of the hugely positive impact of uniformed groups on the lives of young people. As Patron of YU, I could not be more thrilled to see so many young people from across the U.K. joining uniformed groups.”