Staff upset as little puppies left at store

Puppies abandoned in Lurgan
Puppies abandoned in Lurgan

A Lurgan girl has spoken of her upset at discovering a box full of puppies outside her work.

Lauren, who works at Alana Interiors, said she was shocked when a customer asked for help as she couldn’t get out the door of the shop due to a box blocking the way.

With her colleague Amy, the pair investigated the blue box and discovered the litter of two week old puppies.

“They were in a box which was filled deep with blankets. We thought they were maybe about six weeks old but have since learned they are only two weeks old as they are a large breed of dog,” she said.

“They seemed to be well cared for but our first reaction was concern for the puppies’ mother.

“I am dog mad so it was very upsetting,” she said.

They checked the CCTV footage and spotted a man with facial hair with his hood up walking straight up to the shop door. He had a beige coat wrapped around the box and left the box at the door. “Due to a poster on the door we were unable to see his face,” she said.

Amy then got in contact with the animal charity Almost Home Animal Rescue NI and the puppies were handed over to them.

The charity then posted a heart-wrenching message with photographs of the abandoned pups.

It said: “Meet the six little ones dumped in Lurgan, The team from Alana Interiors got quite a surprise to find this blue box on their doorstep containing six little bundles of fur. They brought them straight over. They are around 14 days old and look like akitas. We need to make sure mum is safe. Do you know anyone whose dog has recently given birth? Recognise the carrier? Was it yourself who left them? All information will be treated with confidentiality. These little ones will be cared for by our team.”

Describing the puppies as ‘just lovely’ Karen Matthews from the charity said they were not great at bottle feeding and had been suffering from diarrhoea. “However, they are recovering well with a foster carer,” she said.