Strategy group for school

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Community News

A proposal to set up a strategy group for Tandragee Junior High School has been welcomed.

The group will be made up of former pupils, former staff and former governors at the school.

Tandragee Councillor Paul Berry believes this development will be key in protecting the operational independence of the school for the future.

He said: “I was heavily involved with the campaign to reject the SELB’s Option A last year. It became apparent at a meeting addressed by Harry Armstrong, former Portadown College Principal and Timothy Mayes who has been associated with the school for a lifetime that key people needed to monitor and study any strategic proposals going forward.

“I believe this group will alert the community to any threats to the school, the Dickson Plan and anything else that might impact negatively on the community of Tandragee and the surrounding area.”

Former Tandragee Chairman Timothy Mayes said: “I welcome this initiative from well meaning people. When I entered governance 22 years ago the school had a deficit of £60,000 and the buildings were not in great repair.

“When I retired from governance last year the school had a credit of £300,000 and the buildings were positively state of the art.

“I look forward to others taking up the fight and will take a keen interest in their efforts and I wish them well.”