Suicide prevention sign is vandalised

Vandals have damaged a suicide prevention sign.
Vandals have damaged a suicide prevention sign.

Vandals who defaced a suicide prevention sign on the banks of the Bann have been described as ‘foolish and irresponsible’.

Local Councillor and Lord Mayor of ABC Council Darryn Causby said, “These signs were erected by Yellow Ribbon in partnership with the council to provide information to those most vulnerable in our community, a number of banners have been put in various locations in our Borough to let people know there is help out here and that they don’t have to suffer alone.

“This particular banner is placed on the fence at Tesco Portadown close to the ‘boat house’ and those who have defaced it have been foolish and totally irresponsible”

He continued, “It cost a lot of money to have these banners produced and those who vandalised them need to ask themselves what this nonsense has achieved, this banner will have to be replaced at a cost to the charity, money that could have been used elsewhere to support their work.

“Yellow Ribbon is an excellent local charity who work tirelessly to support our communities most vulnerable and to help prevent people from taking their own lives, indeed this charity have intervened and saved lives. I hope that these individuals catch themselves on and leave these things alone because they are in place to help save lives.”