Talk on TTIP and its affect on local food


A seminar on how a transatlantic trade agreement between the USA and Europe will have a ‘serious’ impact on our food locally is to be held next week.

Organised by the Craigavon Council of Trade Unions the seminar aims to focus on the negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

If agreed, TTIP will seek remove regulatory barriers to trade.

Dooley Harte, Secretary of the CCTU said: “US Government officials have demanded that regulations on genetically modified foods, banned pesticides, restrictions on growth hormones in meat and chemical washing of poultry are weakened or removed altogether as part of negotiations. This will have serious repercussions on local businesses and local consumers.

“These negotiations have the capacity to fundamentally change food production and farming, and in some cases, consumers won’t even be told of the changes.”

Mr Harte said the seminar in Craigavon Civic Centre will be on Tuesday, November 10, at 7.30pm. It will focus on Food Safety and Farming and Ian Marshall, President of the Ulster Farmers’ Union and Ross Brown of the Green Party will be speaking at it.