Talk on ‘What is a Protestant?’

Church news
Church news

A talk entitled ‘What is a Protestant’ will take place this evening (Friday) in Portadown Town Hall at 7.30.

It will be given at a special Reformation Rally by the Rev Angus Stewart, pastor of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church (CPRC) in Ballymena.

Protestantism has more than 950 million followers and accounts for nearly 40 per cent of professing Christians worldwide, and is present on all the continents of the world.

So what is a Protestant? Different opinions are held by various people with some defining Protestantism socially or ethnically or politically but what is the truth of the matter? What really is a Protestant historically, theologically and practically? What do Protestants believe and how do they live?

The talk will begin the search at God’s eternal decree and progress through the book of Acts, imperial assemblies and the 21st century. It will especially involve Germany and touch on various groups, such as the French Huguenots, returning to the Reformation gospel.

Books, box sets of CDs and DVDs, and free pamphlets will be available. Tea and coffee will be provided free. All are welcome.