The station sign is a ‘rail’ mistake admit Translink

The sign directing people the wrong way to the station.
The sign directing people the wrong way to the station.

Northern Ireland Railways admit it’s the wrong sign, pointing the wrong way – a rail mix-up if ever there was one! And Translink have signalled they have made a mistake!

The directional sign at the top of Woodhouse Street – pointing the way for pedestrians to the train station - has gone completely off the rails.

Rather than directing travellers down Woodhouse Street, it directs them downtown.

It’s rail confusion, according to a Portadown Times reader turned whistle-blower, who had just arrived back in town on the Belfast train and brought it to our attention.

For after she had walked up Woodhouse Street from the recently-refurbished train station, she was surprised to see that had, according to the sign, walked the wrong way!

The official NI Railways sign at the top of the street – complete with ‘walking’ figure - indicates that the way on foot to the station from the Woodhouse Street-High Street junction is down to Castle Street and then up the rather steep incline at Wilson Street to catch a train.

Said the traveller who flagged it up. “Anyone who knows the centre of Portadown knows that the quickest way is down Woodhouse Street.

“I don’t know if they expect us to walk via Wilson Street, but I prefer the direct route down Woodhouse Street.”

A spokesperson for NIR admitted they had got their lines crossed!

And it won’t be simply a matter of turning the sign round ar 90 degrees. A new sign has been ordered. For the current sign states ‘One Way’ – which is true pointing down High Street, but not two-way Woodhouse Street.

The spokesperson said, “All directional road signs are erected by Transport NI. The sign at the top of Woodhouse Street in the centre of Portadown is currently directing pedestrian the wrong direction for the train station.

“We will be contacting Transport NI to request a new sign pointing the correct way for pedestrian customers.”