The time is ‘right here’ for Emma’s debut single

A snap from one of Emma's latest shoots - ahead of the release of her debut single.
A snap from one of Emma's latest shoots - ahead of the release of her debut single.

Almost a year since our last conversation, we catch up with Emma Horan as she prepares to set the world alight.

Last June, Emma was looking forward to finishing her GCSE exams so she could put pen to paper and start releasing her own music. Now - in the midst of her AS studies - the 17 year old stands on the brink of releasing her debut single.

“A lot has happened!” Emma explains, reflecting on the last 11 months. “I’ve recorded around five songs, performed in events and many gigs - and I’ve had the best time!

“When I got off for the summer holidays, I spent nearly every day except weekends up at Zero Hour Studio in Coleraine to work with award-winning songwriter/producer, Tre Sheppard. We called it “Summer Camp”! I started co-writing songs together with Tre and his team - and loved every single day of it!”

Having well and truly injected all her energy into her music, Emma is now ready to share her shiny new creation with her fans - which now amount to over 33,000 on Facebook. Anticipation has been mounting ahead of the single’s release this week, and Emma is as eager as her fans for the big day.

“I am SUPER excited for it to come out,” Emma shares. “It has felt like ages but now is the time I can put my original material out.

“My single is called ‘Right Here’ and it was co-written in the studio with Tre and a singer/songwriter from Coleraine, named Callum Stewart, who is amazing!”

The single will be accompanied by a music video produced by BNL Productions, the local company who just recently moved premises to Lurgan, and directed by Missing Piece Studios’ Sam Steele.

The music video won’t be Emma’s first on-screen appearance, however, as she is also involved in quite a different project at present. The musician is proving just how diverse her skill set is as she stars alongside James Nesbitt in ITV drama, ‘The Secret’ - an experience she will likely treasure for a lifetime.

“It was so fun!” Emma explains. “I am part of Universal Youth Agency and I got put forward for an audition to be one of the teenage children in it.

“I got a call one day to say I was cast in the part and I had to go film for two days on set in Belfast in March. It was so amazing to be a part of it and be on set with James Nesbitt. He is amazing!”

“I have been for auditions before and have done a few voice-overs for things but never TV,” Emma shares, insisting that ‘The Secret’ is her television debut - before making a small confession. “Well, actually, when I was five, I was on TV to model Marks & Spencer clothes which was fun!”

Twelve years on, Emma continues to dazzle with her relentless energy and unquenchable passion for music - and her fanbase will be holding their breaths for her single’s release on Friday (13).

Emma shows no sign of relaxing when ‘Right Here’ lands, as she’ll be spending release day in one of the busiest locations in the country!

“On the day of my launch, I will be performing at Balmoral Show!” shares the unstoppable star.

“I am so excited to perform my new single.”

The teen will undoubtedly have plenty of gigs lined up as the Summer begins - and you can (try to) keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter (@emmahoran) and Instagram (@emmahoranmusic).