Three generations of doctors

Ken Mathews, Kyle Mathews, Colin Mathews, Lord Alderdice and David Hussey.
Ken Mathews, Kyle Mathews, Colin Mathews, Lord Alderdice and David Hussey.

The name ‘Mathews’ has been synonymous with general practitioners in Portadown since 1948, when Dr James Mathews set up his practice in Edenderry.

And this picture shows how he created quite a dynasty.

The man in the middle of the picture, wearing the Chain of Office, is his son Dr Colin Mathews. On the left is another son, Dr Kenneth Mathews, and between them is Colin’s son Kyle, who has graduated in Medicine from Edinburgh University and is following it up in the Scottish capital with training as a GP.

Kenneth is a GP in Norwich, and he and Kyle came across to Northern Ireland to support Colin on a special occasion – the annual dinner of the Ulster Medical Association of which he is President.

On the right is Dental Professor David Hussey of Queen’s University, and the bearded gentleman is Lord Alderdice, both firm family friends. Lord Alderdice has been a member of the House of Lords (Lib Dem) since 1996. He was a lecturer in the Queen’s Faculty of Medicine from 1991-96 and the dinner was held at Queen’s.

Colin’s wife, and Kyle’s mother, was also a caring GP. She passed away in March 2012, a valued doctor in the family Orchard Practice in Portadown Health Centre. Dr Trish Mathews practised as Dr Patricia Carson, her maiden name. She, like Colin, was a graduate of Queen’s. Dr James Mathews practised through many changes in the GP scene. His first surgery was at Victoria House in Edenderry, then he moved to Killicomaine, finally retiring in 1998 from Portadown Health Centre. He died in 2002, and his influence is still felt over three generations of doctors.