Thunder and lightning storm causes sleepless night

A loud and frightening lightning storm woke many in north Armagh this morning with some footage captured by one sleepless Lurganite.

Flashes of lightning lit up the sky over Lurgan as video footage by Lurgan man Dean Irwin portrays.

A lightning bolt over Lurgan last night

A lightning bolt over Lurgan last night

Loud claps of thunder could be heard for miles and many reported a sleepless night due to the heavy storm.

It follows a spell of hot and humid weather.

The weather prediction for today is a fair amount of cloud for most parts at first with scattered showers, but brightening up with some sunshine at times, although the showers becoming locally heavy and thundery during the afternoon.

And tonight it gives it to be a bright evening with some sunshine as the showers die out, then dry overnight but turning increasingly cloudy, with hill fog and some mist around the coasts.