Time to end fiction of Craigavon?

Councillor David Jones at Edenderry.
Councillor David Jones at Edenderry.

“Now that Portadown, Lurgan and everywhere else in the region has been swallowed by the ABC ‘super council’ is it not time to end the fiction of Craigavon for good?”

That was the question posed by local councillor David Jones (UKIP).

Councillor Jones said: “Now that every town in the region has been swallowed up by the ABC super council, it is time that we stopped pretending that a place called Craigavon actually exists. It is now just an excuse to asset strip Portadown and Lurgan of its facilities, its colleges and its leisure centres. It is time the while fiction of Craigavon was ended, for reasons of common sense as well as the benefit of the long-suffering ratepaying public.

“Craigavon is a road system without a rail link. As a concept it belongs in the 1960s – over 50 years ago. If it hasn’t worked after 50 years, the time has come to scrap it and stop throwing good money after bad.”

“I am demanding a local referendum of the residents and ratepayers of Portadown and Lurgan giving them the chance to end the fiction of Craigavon for good and to revert to the two separate towns. People like to talk about the rivalry between Portadown and Lurgan but I am saying there is far more that unites them. Ending this Craigavon fiction certainly unites them. Now that there is no longer a Craigavon Council there is no reason for Craigavon to exist.”