Times man is steaming mad after ticket

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A Portadown Times journalist is the latest ‘victim’ of the town’s traffic wardens – even though he had attached a valid ticket to the driver’s side window of his Kia Picanto.

While long-serving reporter Victor Gordon was off to Belfast – having parked his car at Magowan Buildings – it began to rain.

The inside of the car steamed up, and the flimsy parking ticket rolled up on itself (see picture). Details on the ticket were obscured, and he was booked.

Our man said, “It was ironic that – a few months ago – the DRD invited me to go around with one of their top attendants, showing how reasonable they were and did not book people on a whim.

“I was told they made allowances – like not being too strict on the time limits – and that they showed reason and intelligence.

“The rain caused condensation inside the car. And with the tickets being of thin paper, it’s no surprise that they actually roll up.”

Said Victor, “I thought that a bit of common sense would have been used. The tickets are of poor quality, and they would need to be improved.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to get money into the machines. I’ve been travelling down to Belfast every day over the past month and the machine has rejected coins up to eight times. The £1 for four hours is good value, but a £45 fine in this case is unfair.”

He appealed though the DRD website, whick bombed twice before it finally registered. “That was a nuisance, but my appeal is in. I’ve been told it could take up to a month as they’re very busy, which is little wonder if motorists are booked on a whim.

“Since this happened I have used sticky blue tack to make sure my ticket doesn’t roll up.”