Too many meter cases before courts says District Judge


Under financial pressure a 55-year-old woman put a magnet on her electricity meter to prevent it from recording.

Glenys Church, Clonmeen, Craigavon, pleaded guilty to two offences last Wednesday at the local magistrates’ court.

She admitted permitting a meter from registering electricity on March 18 this year and criminal damage to a meter belonging to Budget Electricity.

For each offence she was fined £100.

The court heard that police went into her home at 9.40am and discovered a magnet attached to the electricity meter to prevent it from registering supply.

Church admitted placing it on the meter, hoping to save money.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing the defendant, said there was an administration fee of £200 and £136.21 for unbilled units which had been repaid to Budget.

He explained that the police had not been at her house because of this offence but because of other family members and this was caught up in the net.

Mr Ingram said his client had no previous convictions and made full admissions in interview.

He added that at the time she had a limited income and household bills and was finding it hard to make ends meet.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said the defendant was a lady of mature years with no record and he had to take that into account.

He added that unfortunately too many of these cases were appeared in court.