Town post office is a ‘matchbox’

Post Office
Post Office

Portadown’s main post office in High Street Mall is “too small” for the centre of the town, it has been claimed.

In a letter to this week’s Times, one resident claimed there are “many sub-post offices which are far bigger”

The man said, “On Tuesday lunchtime (May 26), the queue was massive and counter staff going for lunch certainly did not help the matter, but it’s no fault of them, they have to have their lunch. The large queues presumably had to do with the fact that Monday was a Bank Holiday.

“I also observed that there were people in the queue who really did not need to be there in the first place as there may have been two people going to one counter staff member at a time when only one person was transacting business. That seems to be a problem affecting not only post offices these days but also banks and building societies. One person, one cashier is all that is required with the exception of pensioners and children who may require assistance.

“Portadown town centre requires a bigger post office than the current ‘matchbox’ at High Street Mall which is totally inadequate.”