TUV announce their Upper Bann candidate

Roy Ferguson - TUV.
Roy Ferguson - TUV.

Upper Bann Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) have selected Roy Ferguson as their candidate in the upcoming Assembly elections.

Roy is a family man with two sons and three grandchildren. He has worked as a manager within the construction industry for over forty years and has vast experience dealing with local government which involves planning, design and delivering contracts on time and within budget.

With a strong Christian faith he is a member of the Orange institution and the Apprentice Boys.

Roy is unashamedly opposed to same sex marriage and abortion on demand.

Commenting on the upcoming election Roy said: “My main reason for contesting this election is to give voters an opportunity to vote for a candidate who is opposed to Sinn Fein/IRA rule and answer those Unionists who have swept murder under the carpet.

“Unionist people should not tolerate any longer members of the Government being accountable to the IRA Army Council.

“TUV will fight for British standards of democracy in Stormont. TUV is the only unionist party opposed to power sharing with Sinn Fein who are inextricably linked to the IRA.

“I have a keen interest in victims issues and am a member of the FAIR Victims Group.

“Through it I have been involved in seeking justice for the innocent victims of terrorism with the Kingsmill massacre being one of the high profile cases we have campaigned on.

“Too many Unionists would rather embrace and promote those who carried out such crimes rather than seek justice for the innocent victims.

“Stormont has failed to live up to the grand promises.

“This has caused widespread disillusionment with the political process.

“People want politicians to deliver for the people rather than being self-serving.

“Many are fed up with politics altogether and questioning whether they should vote at all.

“However, it is only by getting out and I believe if elected, I can help deliver that change.

“I believe that the United Kingdom is better off out of the EU with the United Kingdom controlling its own borders, laws and dispersal of finances.

“The massive increase in immigration is causing reduced employment opportunities for local people as well as a reduction in wages.

“I welcome the decision of former UKIP members – like their candidate in the last European election Henry Reilly – to join TUV.

“There is a growing realisation among many that TUV is the authentic voice of Euro scepticism in Northern Ireland.”

Commenting on the selection of Mr Ferguson TUV Leader Jim Allister said:

“I look forward to joining Roy on the campaign trail in Upper Bann.

“Many thousands of people in the constituency voted for me in the 2014 European election.

“I am now asking those people to strengthen my hand by getting behind Roy and ensuring that Upper Bann has a strong voice in Stormont which you know will stand against the appeasement of Republicanism.”