TUV man challenges DUP over Sinn Fein

Paul Coleman
Paul Coleman

Paul Coleman, the Portadown TUV candidate for the May 22 council elections, has challenged DUP “to examine its policies in the light of recent Sinn Fein action – especially SF’s ambivalence towards the PSNI in light of the Gerry Adams arrest and the on-the-run (OTR) fiasco”.

He said, “When the DUP ushered Sinn Fein into government, they claimed they had changed and given their unconditional support to the PSNI and the rule of law. However, we now learn that Sinn Fein support for the PSNI is no longer absolute (if it ever was) but conditional on republicans not being investigated for criminal activity.

“The DUP once claimed that Sinn Fein’s admittance to government, and Martin McGuinness’ acceptance as Deputy First Minister, would only happen when they gave their full and unreserved support for the PSNI and the rule of law. It is now clear that even by the DUP’s own definition Sinn Fein have proved themselves unfit for government.

“In recent weeks we have had the OTR scandal as well as the BBC Spotlight documentary that revealed IRA guns obtained post ceasefire were used in the murder of two policemen on the streets of Lurgan. The DUP’s response to these events has been weak, as is their response to Gerry Adams arrest.”

Mr Coleman concluded, “It is clear that the DUP are unwilling to take appropriate action against Sinn Fein. TUV believes it’s time for a positive change and would urge all unionists who desire proper and effective democracy, untainted by people like Gerry Adams, to support our candidates in both council and European elections.”