Unionist pact in Newry and Armagh fails to wrestle seat from Sinn Fein

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Ulster Unionist Danny Kennedy has failed to win the Newry and Armagh constituency from Sinn Fein despite doubling his vote.

Mr Kennedy was the single unionist candidate in the constituency after a unionist pact agreed with the DUP.

But the Sinn Fein majority was too big and Micky Brady, who succeeded Conor Murphy as the Sinn Fein candidate, comfortably got over the line.

Mr Brady, who has been an MLA since 2007, took the seat with 20,488 votes, with Mr Kennedy polling 16,312.

Mr Kennedy said, “I do regret that the voice of Newry and Armagh will continue not to be heard where it should be heard, in the House of Commons. (But) the Ulster Unionist Party is not only in very firm business in Newry and Armagh, it is also back in business in the House of Commons.”

The UUP gained two MPs with Danny Kinahan taking South Antrim and Tom Elliott winning Fermanagh South Tyrone.