Uproar over security at McDonald’s

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McDonald’s in Meadow Lane have been accused of being heavy-handed after the introduction of a new security guard.

Angry parents claimed this week that young, well-behaved teenagers are being “put out” of the restaurant and even prevented from entering it on Saturday evenings.

The restaurant said it introduced the security guard last month to help staff “maintain a safe, family-friendly atmosphere”.

However, Portadown mum Melanie Barton said her 14-year-old daughter had phoned her in a “very upset” state from outside the restaurant a few weeks ago.

She said, “She told me the security guard had put her out and wouldn’t let her back in again. She had been sitting with her friends, but was not eating at the time, and he told her she would have to leave because of this.

“She offered to buy chips and he walked up to the counter with her while she bought them and then escorted her outside.”

Mrs Barton phoned the manager “who couldn’t apologise enough” and intervened to let the teenager get back in to her friends.