‘Very drunk man’ facing prison term


A Portadown man who made “very unsavoury” comments to police had sentencing in his case adjourned until next year.

But he was warned if he re-offended in the deferment period he was going straight to prison.

Sam Herron (27), Westland Road, Portadown, admitted disorderly behaviour and obstructing a constable on August 29 this year.

The court heard police were tasked to a disturbance at Westland Road and were speaking to the injured party when a male person made off.

Herron then obstructed a constable by holding out both hands, saying “no, don’t”.

A public prosecutor said the disorderly behaviour charge arose from comments made by the defendant. These were not read out in court.

District Judge, Mr Desmond Perry, said they were “very unsavoury”.

A solicitor for Herron said he was very drunk at the time and the comments he made were inflammatory and disgraceful.

He added that Herron recognised drink was taking him down a certain line and he was now receiving medication. He had also been referred for further treatment and had gained temporary employment.

Judge Perry said that one thing was quite clear and that was that the comments made by Herron went beyond the custody threshold.

He added that he was going to defer sentencing because the defendant had convictions on his record brought about by alcohol.

Deferring the case until August 21 next year he told Herron if he re-offended he would be shown very little leniency and would be going straight to prison.