Video - youth clubs take part in accident reconstruction

Watch this video as youth clubs from across Portadown take part in a real-life demonstration of the scenes following a serious car accident.

The demonstration took place recently at St Mary’s Youth Club in Portadown with the police, Ambulance Service and Fire Service taking part.

Police took part in the reconstruction.

Police took part in the reconstruction.

This video was produced by BNL Productions under the youth engagement programme CURBS Portadown to raise awareness of safe driving amongst young people in the community.

Curbs filmed and co-ordinated interviews to get a wider perspective on what is involved in the jobs of the emergency services, what their advice would be for young people, and employability within the services. One of the most exciting parts of this project was the chance for young people to get to see the officers as real people and thus encourage a more relaxed and positive relationships.