Walkers caught short over the canal toilet shortages

Moneypenny's Lock.
Moneypenny's Lock.

One of Portadown’s major tourists attractions is short on toilet facilities, a fan of the Newry Canal has pointed out.

Raymond McLoughlin, who walks the stretch of the canal in the vicinity of Moneypenny’s insisted, “It doesn’t bother short-time users like myself. I love a short walk the length of Moneypenny’s most mornings.

“But I’ve received several complaints from people who, like to walk as far as Scarva, and from parents who take their children down to enjoy the towpath and its surroundings.”

He added that people talking part in sponsored walks along the towpath – “especially women” – had complained to him – “It’s not in keeping with tourism these days when there isn’t a loo between Portadown and Scarva.

“Banbridge council provided the loo at the Scarva Centre, and there’s one at Poyntzpass, again provided by Banbridge as far as I know. Now that the three councils are amalgamated (the ABC Council) it’s time they got their act together.

“Moneypenny’s Lock would be one site. The next public toilet is in William Street in Portadown. I’ll be contacting local councillors to get something done about it.

“More and more people are making use of the canal as a tourist and local attraction and this basic facility should be provided.”