Warning after needle found

A needle found in Brownstown Park. INPT02-005
A needle found in Brownstown Park. INPT02-005

Park users have been urged to be vigilant after a needle and other drugs paraphernalia were found in Brownstown Park.

The needle was intact and filled with an unknown substance which the finder disposed of.

The council, which owns the park, carried out a ‘sweep’ of the area immediately after the find and members of the PUP also carried out their own clean-up.

PUP member John Stevenson said, “We uncovered substantial evidence of hard drug use in the area and would appeal to our community to be vigilant of the dangers.

“This is a park which is used by young and old and those who abuse themselves with drugs are now in the process of abusing the community they live within. Other parks and recreational areas suffer from the same abuse. We appeal to the authorities to take decisive action.”

The issue was raised at Monday night’s meeting of the council. Councillor Darryn Causby said there had been a significant investment by council in Brownstown Park and it was widely used by members of the public.

He warned children and young people not to touch any such needles.

MP David Simpson said he had contacted parks staff and the PSNI and will be working with them to ensure the park is searched and cleaned daily. He added he was also working with local people to try and identify hot spots and timings.

A council spokesperson said staff do a litter pick every other day and bins are emptied when the 3g pitch is in use.