Warning issued after Brownstown burglary


Cash was stolen during a burglary carried out in broad daylight in Brownstown this afternoon.

Lord Mayor, Councillor Darryn Causby, said the crime was committed while the resident was out.

“On Monday afternoon I was made aware that a property in Brownstown had been burgled and a sum of cash had been taken whilst the resident was out.

“I find it totally disgusting that someone would unlawfully enter another person’s home, go through their belongings and steal their things and I outrightly condemn those responsible.”

Mr Causby urged people to be cautious and ensure their home and belongings are secured at all times.

“No one has the right to burgle and steal as they see fit and it is totally unacceptable. Those responsible need to be caught and dealt with harshly by the courts,” he added. “I would make an appeal to all residents and urge them to lock their windows and doors and ensure valuables are hidden out of sight because unfortunately not everyone is decent and honest. I would also ask every resident to look out for their neighbours and make sure they report anything suspicious with out delay to ensure our communities remain safe. ends