Warren returns to US stage

Warren Attwell, who is about to embark on a US tour - covering eight states in 18 days.
Warren Attwell, who is about to embark on a US tour - covering eight states in 18 days.

Warren Attwell has set off to serenade America once again - this time taking on eight different states in less than three weeks.

The Richhill-born musician returned to the US just months after he was handpicked to play at the world famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville - and he has brought some tuneful company.

“Myself and my good friend, Paul Tully, will be touring together this time round,” Warren shared. “He’s a songwriter from Strabane and was with me in March. We’ll be playing a mixture of open mic nights, songwriter showcases and organising our own gigs in coffee shops, bars and restaurants.”

Warren received a fantastic response from his stateside audience last time around, and no doubt they’ll be eagerly anticipating his return. His agenda is already filling up, with plenty of reunions and new collaborations in the pipeline.

“For some of the gigs we’ll be joined by songwriter friends based throughout the US and I have made contact with new artists I’ve discovered - to fill out the show at each venue,” Warren explained. “The tour will be on a much smaller scale compared to the trip to Nashville, and the gigs will likely be much more intimate. We’ll be heading back to play a show in Belmont University, hopefully hit an impromptu songwriters’ night, and perform a cover gig full of country songs and originals on Broadway - Nashville’s most famous strip of bars and honky tonks.”

The tour is certainly shaping up to be an eclectic series of musical adventures - and Warren is more than ready to get stuck in.

“I have quite a few friends there now who I’m hoping to catch up with,” he said, “they’ll hopefully be able to make it to some of the gigs for some moral support. We’re also hoping to do some writing with some pretty prestigious songwriters, and my producer lives in Florida, so I’ll hopefully get a chance to catch up with him.”

So far, Warren has eighteen gigs planned, taking him from Indiana - “I fly out on Sunday, arrive at 4.30pm and kick off our first gig at 6.30pm” - across Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabamma, Louisiana and winding up in Florida.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people - that’s my favourite part of the experience,” Warren concluded.

Judging from his tour stops, Warren is about to meet a lot of new people - and imminent fans.