Wedding fair raises funds for children’s hospice

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Dresses, suits, cars and cakes - they were all catered for at the recent wedding fair at Millennium Court markets building, which also raised more than £600 for the NI Children’s Hospice.

The event was organised by Neil Anderson, of Orchid Studio in Bridge Street, the sixth such annual event that he has staged in the Portadown centre.

It was attended by more than 200 people, with 30 local exhibitors and professional models gracing the catwalk.

Said Neil Anderson, “It has become such a popular event in Portadown’s calendar, and shows what can be done by the retailers of that area. The markets building was revamped beautifully for the occasion and we were delighted by the overall result.”

Esther Baird, recently-appointed manager of the Millennium Court, said the markets area is available for a wide range of shows, except on Fridays and Saturdays. “As well as the wedding event, crafts and trade fairs are welcome,” she said.

The number to ring for a booking is 028 3839 4415.