Welcome for extra Brexit cash for PSNI

Paul Berry
Paul Berry

Extra funding for more police to cope with Brexit should be used to deal with the ‘scourge’ of organised crime along the border, says independent councillor Paul Berrry.

Cllr Berry said: “I welcome that 308 Officers will be recruited by April 2020 with this funding allocation of £16.5million from Her Majesty’s Government.

‘The Irish Government, SF, SDLP, Alliance Party and Brussels have all been scare mongering about a return to the troubles as a result of Brexit.

“These are the same cheer leaders for the Belfast Agreement which assured us all that the troubles were over and there would be no return to violence.

“I would ask who those who claim this scenario, who is going to cause violence? I suggest the only people who will be annoyed will be the Republican criminals ‘

“Whilst I fully appreciate the major uncertainties’ and valid concerns with the Brexit situation for business and farming, this additional funding for policing the border areas should be used to try and tackle the scourge of organised crime which has been a problem for many years and Brexit cannot be blamed for this long term criminal activity.

“The farming community along the border areas have suffered for many years as a result of organised criminals stealing machinery and livestock, our communities even up into North Armagh have had cars stole to order from peoples driveways, all pointing to criminals from across the border, so let us use this funding to defeat the criminals.

“Off course let us not forget the Republican fuel smugglers who have been able to operate for years with much success for their activities free from prosecution,” he said.