Welcome for ‘long overdue’ sewer work

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Work at Velton Lawns, Laurelvale, to address sewer network defects and maintain the pumping station in the area has been welcomed by DUP MLA William Irwin.

Mr Irwin said the work was long overdue and would be welcomed. He explained the work was being undertaken by contractors appointed by DRD who have used a bond to enable the area to be adopted by the statutory agencies.

He said, “This is very important work and it will address defects in the sewer system which had been causing concern for some residents. DRD investigations had uncovered a dip or back-fall in the pipe system which would have been affecting the efficiency of the network and I know it had led to ongoing issues with blockages.

“This remedial work will be very welcomed and with the further maintenance of the pumping station, which includes the installation of a new pump, it should leave the network in a much better state.”

“Hopefully disruption can be kept to a minimum.”