Woman fined for theft of salmon fillets from Lidl

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A woman who received a suspended prison sentence last year for dishonesty was back in court again last week for a shoplifting offence.

Edita Matijosaitiene (37), Killycomain Gardens, Portadown, admitted the theft of two salmon fillets, valued at £3.98, from Lidl on December 5.

Craigavon Magistrates Court heard that she was seen leaving the store without paying for the items.

A barrister representing the defendant said she was in the store with a man and on CCTV she is seen secreting the item in a bag.

He explained that she had received a suspended sentence in Craigavon Crown Court in a breach of trust case.

The lawyer said she had been working in TK Maxx and had used staff discount for friends and taken items from the store. It was alleged the amount came to over £5,000.

He said she was a single mother and she was under financial pressure.

District Judge, Mr Peter King, said it was incredible court time should be taken up by two salmon fillets valued at £3.98 but the difficulty was that the defendant had received a suspended sentence in the Crown Court.

The question facing him, he added, was whether to return the matter to the Crown Court to deal with the suspended sentence.

He fined the defendant £150 for the shoplifting offence.

The judge ruled that he would not send the matter back to the Crown Court.