Woman jailed after stabbing partner

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A 40-year-old Portadown woman who stabbed her partner seven times during a drunken argument in their home has been sent to prison.

Susan Liggett, from Garvaghy Road, was handed a three-year sentence after appearing in the dock of Craigavon Crown Court, sitting in Belfast on Wednesday, where she admitted a charge of wounding.

Jailing Liggett for stabbing her partner seven times with a bladed household instrument - possibly a potato peeler - Judge Gordon Kerr QC ordered that she spent 18 months in prison, with the remaining 18 months of the sentence spent on licence upon her release.

After hearing that Liggett was alcohol-dependant, Judge Kerr suggested that, as part of her licence conditions, she should attend alcohol abuse counselling.

The wounds sustained to Liggett’s partner - who was in court to support her - were described as “superficial.”

However, Judge Kerr said that given Liggett’s history of violence, and the fact that she used a weapon during an argument, the “only possible sentence is custody.”

Outlining the case against Liggett, Crown prosecutor Nicola Auret said that the incident occurred on 8 November last year “in the throes” of an argument between the couple.

Liggett - who sustained a black eye during the drunken row - called for an ambulance at around 4.55pm on the day in question, saying she had stabbed her partner.

When the emergency services arrived, the injured man was “conscious and breathing but covered in blood.”

He was rushed to Craigavon Area Hospital for treatment to seven wounds on his arms, legs and chest, but discharged himself before his injuries were treated.

He also refused to provide a statement of complaint to police.

Ms Auret said that when Liggett was arrested, she was “very aggressive towards police”, and whilst at the police station, she said “he hit me so I stabbed him. He won’t do that again.”

Defence barrister Charles MacCreanor QC said that had it not been for Liggett phoning for an ambulance “there would have been no prosecution against her.”

Mr MacCreanor also pointed out that his client was also injured in the row, and said: “After drinking for several hours, an argument ensued.

“They were at each other in a physical way, and she lifted what was in her hand, and caused the superficial injuries.”

The barrister also described the wounding as “clearly unplanned and clearly spontaneous” and something which occurred “in the heat of the moment.”

Mr MacCreanor also revealed that Liggett and her partner “quickly reconciled” after the incident, and described them as being “totally dependent on each other.”

Handing Liggett a 30-month sentence, Judge Kerr branded the use of any bladed weapon as “serious” and said she stabbed her partner “on seven separate occasions, causing seven separate injuries.”