Woman’s plea on wrong fines at Magowan

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A Portadown woman has advised other motorists to appeal their parking penalty notices if they feel they have been unfairly fined.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, successfully appealed after her ticket had slipped down the dashboard of her car.

She had parked in Magowan Buildings and returned within 10 minutes to find a penalty notice stuck to her windscreen.

She said, “It was a really windy day and the wind must have blown the ticket down a bit. I was ready to spit feathers at the time.

“I appealed it and attached my parking ticket.

“But the whole episode has put me off parking there in the future.”

Just last week, another motorist who parked at Magowan Buildings also had her fine quashed.

Joanne Vince had parked within the lines in a bay opposite B&M Bargains but was fined for parking outside them.

It has since emerged that, following a redesign of the car park, some older lines have not been totally removed.

A spokesman for the DRD said the situation was causing “minor confusion”.

Asked by the Portadown Times to clarify if motorists were currently permitted to park in these space, the department issued a statement saying, “traffic attendants ...will enforce appropriately until the situation is rectified”.

Ms Vince said, “The spaces have not been removed properly. I think it is unfair they are still being targeted by the wardens.”