CHAMPIONSHIP: Defiant Currie comes out fighting in face of Portadown criticism

Portadown manager Niall Currie. Pic by PressEye Ltd.
Portadown manager Niall Currie. Pic by PressEye Ltd.

Portadown manager Niall Currie remains defiant in his ability to improve club fortunes despite a dismal start to the Championship campaign.

Saturday’s defeat at home to Ballyclare Comrades marked a fourth consecutive league loss for a Ports side considered title favourites this season following relegation from the top flight.

Currie, who joined his hometown club as boss last December, has come out fighting in the face of criticism and maintains full confidence in the players to turn the tables.

“I recently turned 45 years old and have been managing for over a decade, winning everything at this level,” said Currie, who enjoyed previous success with Ards and Loughgall including four second-tier league titles. “I will go toe-to-toe with any manager, show me anyone who has done what I have at this level?

“I have never doubted my ability and will never doubt myself.

“I have never had a leg up from anyone but achieved what I’ve done with determination and good people around me.”

Currie has issued the strong defence of his management as part of attempts to rejuvenate a squad struggling for confidence.

“There is a weight of expectation at this club but it is up to us to manage that responsibility,” said Currie. “We are all hurting but I still believe we can achieve success together by working hard.

“It is about small margins and we stand one good result away from everything turning around.

“In training you can see the ability levels here but that has not been translated into games.

“It is frustrating to pinpoint why but I feel the starting point to turn things around is one right result.

“We have a league break now for a few weeks so will use that time to get together, work hard and regroup.

“It all starts by matching the opposition for effort then building on that work ethic.

“Now is the time to stick together, dig deep, step forward and show the right character.”