Coaching Camp at Lismore Comprehensive

Craigavon Table Tennis Club are holding a summer camp
Craigavon Table Tennis Club are holding a summer camp

Craigavon Table Tennis Club’s inaugural summer camp will run from August 1 to 5 in Lismore Comprehensive.

Sessions for beginners and advanced players have been planned under the guidance of highly-rated coaching staff such as Ulster’s Neil Irwin and national champion Gavin Maguire.

The week-long cost is £25 (advanced) or £15 (beginners) with daily rates at, respectively, £6 and £4. Coaching will run from 11-12.30 (beginners) and 12.30-3.30 (advanced). To sign up e-mail, visit the club’s Facebook page or contact Michael McGoldrick on 07898888531.

“We are delighted to be hosting the club’s first-ever table tennis summer camp,” said McGoldrick.

“It promises to be a great week of fun-filled table tennis games, training and activities.

“The camp is divided into two separate abilities, in the morning the camp will focus on complete beginners and would like to give it a try, along with those who have just recently started playing.

“In the afternoon, the camp will focus on those who are at an intermediate or advanced level and have been playing table tennis for at least six months.

“The camp is open to all age groups and to people from all other table tennis clubs or sports teams.

“In order to reserve your space please get in contact via the website or e-mail address.”