Laurelvale gain early advantage but final spoils end up with Bourneview thanks to strong finish

Mark Boyce.
Mark Boyce.

Bourneview Mill brushed aside the Laurelvale challenge across the second half.

Stephen Whitten capped strong play from David Sinton and David McQuiggan to reward Laurelvale for a bright start.

Late drama before the break featured an equaliser plus attempts saved by Ashleigh Gracey.

Bourneview took control and finished with a brace apiece for David Stewart and Mark Boyce, plus Geoff Neill goal.

LAURELVALE: Ashleigh Gracey, Gareth McIlwaine, Stephen Whitten, Lee Edgar, Jim Wilson, Adam Pearson, Jack McClelland, Stuart McClelland, David McQuiggan, David Sinton, Brendan Connolly. Subs: Chris Lappin, Ryan Kelly, Adam Woolsey.

BOURNEVIEW MILL: David Crawford, Steven Haugh, Tom McClelland, Gavin Fox, Simon Smyth, Jeff McClure, Geoff Neill, Kieran Dixon, Stephen Elliott, Mark Boyce, David Stewart. Subs: Chris Traynor, Gary Hill, Dale Compton.