Loughgall Youth boys’ encouraging progress

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LOUGHGALL Youth under 12s met Banbridge Rangers in Saturday’s Mid-Ulster League programme - with Zane Brown on target and Ryan Cummings named his side’s leading player.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Connor Brown, Ryan Parr, Ryan Faulkner, Matthew Cupples, Joel Paynter, Tim Wharton. Osvaldas Genevicius, Luke Murray, Rhys McMaster, Kyle West, Zane Brown, Ben Edgar, Tyrek Thompson, Ryan Cummings, Jake Shields.

LISBURN League-based Loughgall Youth under 12s enjoyed a friendly meeting with Oxford Sunnyside on Saturday.

Kyle Gilmore and Jonathan Ewart each finished on the scoresheet, with special mention of Josh Woods.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Daniel Acheson, Jordan Finlay, Scott McCann, Josh Woods, Jack Hamilton, Daniel Neill, Adam Alexander, Dale Mulligan, Kyle Gilmore, William Graham, James McCormack, Jonathan Ewart, Jonathan Brown.

LOUGHGALL Youth Colts under 10s lined out last weekend against Portadown Youth Boys, with Nathan Stoops, Ben Gillis and Jamie Berry key players.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Jamie Berry, James Ballantine, Ben Gillis, Bobby McKinney, Daniel Brown, Peter Spence, Chris Lindsay, Jamie Cupples, Stephen Troughton, Jason Park, Nathan Stoops.

LOUGHGALL Youth under nines met Craigavon City and Oxford Sunnyside on Saturday.

Darren Robinson, Josh Smyth and Ben Patton looked sharp.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Jake Edgar, Michael Burnett, Jamie Hall, Ben Patton, Joshua Johnston, Joshua Smyth, Darren Robinson.

LOUGHGALL Youth Colts under nines had Millar Grey and Dylan Dawson in fine form against Sunnyside Youth and Sunnyside Colts.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH COLTS: Millar Gray, Ethan Boyd, Jay Quinn, Dylan Dawson, Aaron Potts, Owen West, James Ashley.

LOUGHGALL Youth under eights made the trip last weekend to face Lurgan Vapors and Lurgan Predators - with Tom McVeigh, Reece Jordon and Sam Anderson in top form.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Jake Edgar, Sam Anderson, Jack Anderson, Sam Richie, Tom McVeigh, Reece Jordon.

LOUGHGALL Youth Colts under eights’ weekend programme against Lurgan Vapors and Lurgan Predators featured Tom Nicholson and Sam Beattie looking strong.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH COLTS: Sam Beattie, Charles Heffron, Luke McKinney, Tom Nicholson, Jake Wells, Thomas Speers.