Markethill sponsorship boost

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MARKETHILL Swifts’ youth development programme has received a boost thanks to kit sponsorship provided by members of the area’s business community.

Markethill-based Bingham Pharmacy (Geddis Square) and Nelson Singleton Solicitors (Main Street) will back, respectively, the under 17s and under 14s.

“Both businesses have stated to us a sense of pride at the association with a local football club that can now boast five sides and over 90 members,” said a Markethill Swifts spokesman. “We are delighted to have secured sponsorship from two local firms for youth sides formed only this season to operate alongside the existing under 18s.

“We remain a growing club in the heart of the community, fulfilling a need for youth football.

“We hope to introduce additional teams in the future.

“Sponsorship is vital to the development of the young people in Markethill and the surrounding district.

“We are grateful to the businesses.”


PORTADOWN Youth under 12s’ Lisburn League players met Londonderry-based Brightstars on Saturday.

The Northern Ireland Boys’ Football Association-backed cup tie proved a gripping second-round tussle, with Daniel Gordon and Adam Woolsey on target.

Gary Judt also proved impressive as Portadown Youth set up a third-round game against Crusaders.

PORTADOWN YOUTH: Kacy Lynch, Scott Turkington, Dale Herron, Daniel Moorecroft, Jay Weatherhead, Joshua Woods, Gary Judt, Callum Coert, Luke Cartwright, Daniel Gordon, Adam Woolsey, Joshua Smyth, Jack Bailey.

PORTADOWN Youth under 11s lined out last weekend against Ballymoor in the Northern Ireland Boys’ Cup.

Goals arrived from Harry Anderson and Harry Evans, plus Harry Stevenson.

PORTADOWN YOUTH: David Walsh, Stephen Lunn, Ewen Mulligan, Ryan Woods, Jay Livingstone, Josh Tuxworth, Bailey Armitage, Harry Evans, Harry Wallace, Harry Anderson, Harry Stevenson, Toby Gilmore, Dean Elliott.

NATIONAL LEAGUE (RESULTS): Portadown Youth under 15s 2 Cookstown 0; Portadown Youth under 14s 2 Magherafelt Sky Blues 1.


LOUGHGALL Youth under 12s’ Mid-Ulster League squad proved strong against Sunnyside - with Tim Wharton, Kyle West and Jake Shields the scorers.

Ryan Cummings was named the side’s leading player.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Connor Brown, Jamie Barbour, Ryan Faulkner, Matthew Cupples, Jonathan Brown, Joel Paynter, Ryan Cummings, Tim Wharton, Osvaldez Genevicius, Rhys McMaster, Kyle West, Jake Shields, Ryan Parr, Ben Edgar.

LOUGHGALL Youth under 11s recently met Cairniny Youth across league and cup competitions.

In the league, Jamie Haire, Cameron Faulkner, Joshua King and Sam Barrett proved impressive.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Joshua King, Cameron Faulkner, James Hall, Chris Hutchinson, Jamie Haire, Bailey Finlay, Sam McKew, Kris Cowan, Adam Wright, Matthew Willis, Sam Barrett, Jac McEveen & James Conn.

The cup tie featured a strong team performance.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Sam Monaghan, Mark Palmer, James Hall, Joshua King, Jamie Haire, Bailey Finlay, Sam McKew, Chris Hutchinson, Jac McElveen, Matthew Willis, Joshua Rodgers, Adam Wright.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH under 10s met Lurgan Town last weekend, with Jordan Bentley, Alexander Black, James Black and John Forde the leading players.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: John Forde, Ben Gillis, Nathan Stoops, Marcus Stevenson, Alexander Black, Sam Cochrane, Josh Irwin, Jordan Bentley, Jamie Cupples.

LOUGHGALL Youth Colts under 10s produced some superb football on Saturday against Portadown Colts.

The scorers were Chris Lindsay and James Ballantine.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: John Forde, Andrew Bond, Ben Gillis, Bobby McKinney, Peter Spence, Chris Lindsay, James Ballantine, Ross Blackwood, Daniel Brown, Bobby-John Hynds.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH under nines met Tandragee Rovers and Portadown Youth last weekend - with Darren Robinson, Ben Patton, Reece Jordan, Darren Robinson, Ben Patton and Jamie Hall the leading players.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Michael Burnett, Jamie Hall, Ben Patton, Joshua Johnston, Reece Jordan, Josh Smyth, Darren Robinson.

LOUGHGALL Youth Colts under nines proved impressive against Banbridge and Portadown Youth.

Aaron Potts hit top form in front of goal.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH COLTS: Millar Gray, James Ashley, Jay Quinn, Tyler Barr, Aaron Potts, Owen West, Josh Smyth.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH under eights lined out last weekend in Mid-Ulster Development League fixtures against Dromore Amateurs, Craigavon Youth and Banbridge Juniors.

Thomas Speers, Sam Richie and Tom McVeigh finished as the key players.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH: Luke McKinney, Tom McVeigh, Dylan Linton, Thomas Speers, Sam Richie.

LOUGHGALL Youth Colts under eights took on Sunnyside Colts, Banbridge Fives and Banbridge Reds - with Sam Beattie, Tom Nicholson and Jake Wells on target.

LOUGHGALL YOUTH COLTS: Charles Heffron, Tom Nicholson, Sam Beattie, Jake Wells, Ben McClelland.