PAST PORTS: Vinny Arkins

Portadown Times sports editor Patrick Van Dort talks to a former player about life at Shamrock Park:

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 6:00 am
Shamrock Park

NAME: Vinny Arkins

AGE: 45

POSITION: Centre-forward/centre-half

TIME SPENT AT THE PORTS: 1997-2006 (eight great years)

CLUBS BEFORE PORTADOWN: Home Farm, Dundee United, Shamrock Rovers, St Johnstone, Shelbourne, Notts County

CLUBS AFTER PORTADOWN: Bohemians, St Pat’s Athletic

HIGHLIGHT AS A PORTADOWN PLAYER: Winning trophies - but maybe we should have won more

BEST MATE AT PORTADOWN: Dean Fitzgerald or Neil Ogden

FUNNIEST TEAM-MATE: Neil Ogden - the most laid-back bloke I have ever met



PICK YOUR PORTS FIVE-A-SIDE: Mickey Keenan, Gregg Davidson, Tony Sheridan, Marc McCann, Raymond Byrne - that team would have it all: age, youth, madness, tan and style

FAVOURITE AWAY GROUND: Windsor Park - it was always a battle

PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITIONS: Always last to put on my shinpads

TOUGHEST RIVAL PLAYER: William ‘Winkie’ Murphy - a great lad but he never gave me an easy game

RIVAL PLAYER YOU MOST RATED: Tony Gorman at Linfield was a great player and humble lad. I also remember telling Ronnie McFall to sign (Northern Ireland international) Gareth McAuley when he played against me in the Irish League

TEAM YOU LOVED TO BEAT: Glenavon - for the crowd and atmosphere, plus I had a great scoring record in derby games

MODERN LIFE: I have my own taxi business plus am a coach at Malahide United (plus, of course, my recent return to the Ports). I still play for Lusk United in the over 35s (I prefer kicking now instead of taking it).