McFall singles out striker after Twigg nets double

Ronnie McFall. Pic by PressEye Ltd.
Ronnie McFall. Pic by PressEye Ltd.

Gary Twigg scored two goals of contrasting style but equal value to help Portadown progress past Linfield last weekend in the Irish Cup quarter-finals.

Ports boss Ronnie McFall singled out the striker’s opening finish - a poke home inside the penalty box to double Portadown’s lead - for special praise.

“The second was a brilliant strike but very few have the instinct to put away that first chance,” said McFall. “I think, more than anything, that first goal sums up Gary as it was natural ability to react first to a loose ball then get it over the line with a poke of the boot.

“It was typical Gary Twigg.”

The striker’s post-match view was that his close-range first provided as much satisfaction as the spectacular second.

“I enjoy every goal I score, the first was a bit scrappy and the second maybe a surprise because of how well I hit it,” said Twigg. “It was a massive game for the club and the most important part is to be in the hat for the next round.”