McGibbon’s call to arms

Pat McGibbon.
Pat McGibbon.

Interim manager Pat McGibbon has issued a rally cry for club unity tomorrow (Saturday) when Portadown kick off life after Ronnie McFall.

McGibbon, a former Northern Ireland international, will take control of team affairs until the end of the season in the aftermath of McFall’s decision to resign last weekend following the Irish Cup exit.

Ports officials have issued a March 27 deadline for applicants towards a permanent position in the summer but McGibbon is determined to focus on the short-term target.

“We held a team meeting this week and had an open discussion about how to move forward,” said McGibbon. “We have the quality at the club but the point was made that only by putting the work in each Tuesday and Thursday then carrying that into matchdays can we turns things around.

“The decision has to rest with one man, although I will have assistance from Trevor Williamson, Keith O’Hara and David Miskelly.

“I am proud to have this opportunity and we want to get everything off in the right way this weekend against Coleraine.

“It is about bringing the club together now after a difficult period and that unity must come from the Board of Directors down to the team and the supporters.

“We need fans to pack Shamrock Park and really get behind the players as that support can make a massive difference.

“There is a reality to our situation at present in the league and we first need to stabilise everything then build on the quality in place.

“It was only natural from my few months in the club as physio that I got a sense of not only the ability of the players but also the attitudes.

“We had an honest discussion so the players now know how I work as a manger.

“The most important aspect is to get the work ethic right from day one, plus have everyone around the club working together for the same goal.”

Kick-off will be 3 o’clock.