PAST PORTS: Alfie Stewart

Shamrock Park
Shamrock Park

Portadown Times sports editor Patrick Van Dort talks to a former player:

NAME: Thomas Alan Alexander (Alfie) Stewart (a school friend called me Alfie and it stuck!)

POSITION: Centre-back


PORTS HIGHLIGHT: Winning the club’s first league title in 1990 was an incredible experience and, for me personally, vindication of my decision to join the Ports. To bring so much joy to so many people in the town was very special

BEST MATE AT PORTADOWN: So many but my back four colleagues (Philip Major, Brian Strain and Gregg Davidson) were with me in the trenches so that built up a special bond. Long after we played together they, plus other team-mates, proved with me in more troublesome times

FUNNIEST TEAM-MATE: In a dressing room full of laughter, Gregg Davidson was as funny as you can get. You had to have a thick skin

HARDEST TEAM-MATE: So many tough characters, physically and mentally, like Davy Mills, Philip Major, Gregg Davidson, Brian Strain, Roy McCreadie and Paul Doolin

TEAM-MATE WITH MOST SKILL: Joey Cunningham had it all - sublime skills, electrifying pace but so good at helping his defenders. Joey just ahead of Martin Russell

PICK YOUR PFC FIVE-A-SIDE TEAM: Mickey Keenan, Alfie Stewart, Joey Cunningham, Paul Doolin and Stevie Cowan (I always wanted to play!)

FAVOURITE AWAY GROUND: The Oval - we had some wonderful performances, plus I loved my years as a Glentoran player

PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITIONS: I was always very tense before games so just had to try and relax

TOUGHEST RIVAL PLAYER: Billy Murray and Gary McCartney


TEAM YOU LOVED TO BEAT: The rivalry in the late 1980s and early 1990s was fierce with Glentoran

MODERN LIFE: I still watch quite a bit of Irish League football - and, of course, my son Aaron has played at Ballymena United. I also love cricket so line out for Maghera