PAST PORTS: Brian Strain

Shamrock Park
Shamrock Park

Portadown Times sports editor Patrick Van Dort chats to a former Ports player about his career at Shamrock Park:

NAME: Brian Strain

POSITION: Centre-back


PORTS HIGHLIGHT: Gregg Davidson had the highlights! But, for me, winning the first title and then the ‘Double’

BEST MATE AT PORTADOWN: Phil Major, Gregg and Davy Mills

FUNNIEST TEAM-MATE: There was never a quiet moment

HARDEST TEAM-MATE: If you got past Roy McCreadie, Davy Mills, Garry Peebles and Paul Doolin then Major would probably finish you off

TEAM-MATE WITH MOST SKILL: Colin O’Neill could nutmeg you, do a few step-overs, sit on it and come back for more (just ask Big Davy Jeffrey)

PICK YOUR PFC FIVE-A-SIDE TEAM: Mickey Keenan, Alfie Stewart, Joey Cunningham, Peter Kennedy, Vinny Arkins

FAVOURITE AWAY GROUND: Castlereagh Park (or Windsor Park in May)

PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITIONS: Leg massage from Geordie Richardson and always ran out from the tunnel towards our fans in the Shed

TOUGHEST RIVAL PLAYER: Rab McCreery, Kirk Hunter, Stephen Baxter or Roddy Collins

RIVAL PLAYER YOU MOST RATED: Noel Bailie, Glenn Dunlop and Glenn Ferguson

TEAM YOU LOVED TO BEAT: The next team!

MODERN LIFE: I run One2One Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic